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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maine Kids-Kin?  Maine Kids-Kin is a program of Families And Children Together.  We provide access to information and resources for Grandfamilies through our web site, monthly support groups, and provide access to our clothing exchange and lending library.

Who are Maine’s Grandfamilies?  Grandfamilies are extended family members who are stepping in to care for relatives’ children.  The family member may be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin or good friend of the family. 

What services do you offer to Grandfamilies?  Currently, we offer a support groups, a lending library, and a clothing exchange for Grandfamilies. Please call us for more information regarding these services.

Who qualifies for your services?  Services are offered to people who have a relative’s child in their care, or who are working towards that goal.  The child may be related by blood, marriage, or just close family-like ties.  We encourage all those interested in our programs to contact us.